SANTIAGO (March 11, 2015) – OUTSIDE, America’s leading active lifestyle brand, has selected Chile as an honoree of its annual Best of Travel awards. From newly-revealed travel territories to the best deals, OUTSIDE’s Best of Travel 2015 celebrates the destinations and travel providers that inspire people to participate in an active lifestyle.  Chile has been, Read More

Chile is well known for its natural wonders, from the Andes to the Atacama Desert, and Chile’s breathtaking islands are no exception.  As your readers make their travel plans for 2015, the islands of Chile are the ultimate unexpected destination to add to their travel bucket lists . Easter Island: Easter Island is the most remote, Read More

Chile has appeared in travel rankings released this month by several of the most prestigious travel publications in the U.S. Highlights include: Chile’s Elqui Valley was listed as number 5 of the New York Times‘ “52 Places to Go in 2015” list, which highlighting stargazing experiences in the Atacama Desert.  TripAdvisor listed Santiago second in South, Read More

SANTIAGO, Chile (January 15, 2015) – Chile has been recognized as a top travel destination for 2015, appearing in rankings released this month by several of the country’s most prestigious travel publications. Ranking 5th in the New York Times ranking of 52 Places to Go in 2015, Chile’s Elqui Valley is recognized for “stunning starscapes, as well as more, Read More

Chile’s travel industry reaped a record high $1.1 billion dollars worth of hard-currency revenues all through 2003. A report issued by the countrys Tourism National Service (SERNATUR), points out that as many as 1,696,889 tourists visited the South American nation last year. Experts believe the nation is in a position to reach the two-million-visitor, Read More

What could be better than skiing for a week in the Andes Mountains, with some of the best freeskiers in the world? This summer, the dream week can come true, with the first annual Ski with the Superstars Week in Portillo, Chile! Organized by Davenport MountainSport Inc. and sponsored by Delta Airlines (, Ski, Read More

Chile is advertising the Antarctica as a deluxe tourist destination for big-spending travelers, especially from Germany. Antarctica is now selling as a travel destination. People usually relate it to scientific research and military bases, but they dont know they can fly down there as tourists, said Andrea Pivcevic of DAP Antarctica. A one-day trip, Read More

The number of foreign visitors to Chile in January was up 17 percent from the same month in 2003 due to 232,000 arrivals in only 31 days, 34,000 more sunbathers than in January 2003, the National Tourism Service (SERNATUR) reported. SERNATUR Director Oscar Santelices explained that 70 percent of that monthly total traveled to, Read More

EXPLORE THE WONDERS OF PATAGONIA WITH LANCHILE VACATIONS (July 23, 2003) – LanChile Vacations has developed yet another unforgettable experience in South America, combining the incomparable wonders of the Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia.