Published by the Panama Tourism Bureau August 2004 edition PANAMA’S TOURISM ENJOYED AN UNPRECEDENT 5-YEAR INCREASE. According to Liriola Pittí, General Manager of IPAT (Panama Tourism Bureau) in the last five years (1999-2004) the number of visitors to the country increased 40% or 3.4 million, over the previous five years 1994-1999.

The rugged beauty of Nicaragua lies waiting to be explored and offers a new and fascinating destination for visitors in search of an authentic and unique travel experience. The country offers an intriguing mix of rich history, friendly people and dramatic landscapes. Its lush geography is filled with an abundance of lakes, rivers, colonial, Read More

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On April 3, weekly flights started arriving from Mexico City and as of September 10, weekly charters will begin arriving from Helsinki. All these flights will be landing in Tocumen International Airport, along with three weekly flights from Canada and one from Italy. Most of the European visitors are looking for beaches and ecoturism., Read More

Nicaragua offers a fascinating destination for visitors in search of an authentic and unique travel experience. Central America’s “best kept secret” offers a landscape filled with an abundance of lakes, rivers, colonial cities, untouched forests, sandy beaches and some of the greatest concentration of volcanoes and inland bodies of water in the world. In, Read More

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Cedar Cabins Botanical Trail opened its doors to the public on January 5th, 2004. The trail is located at Mile 37 on the Western Highway in the Cayo District, (5 miles from the Belize Zoo and 14 miles from the nation’s capital, Belmopan) and only ¾ of a mile from the Western Highway on, Read More

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Costa Rica’s travel industry appears to be putting past hard years behind after closing the year 2003 with an 8 percent increase, a couple of percentage points above the previous 6 percent estimate. Tourism Minister Rodrigo Castro said that nearly half the total of visitors coming to the country hail from the United States, Read More

Travelers in search of soft adventure and nature travel options in Central and South America now have a new resource: a print and online catalog by EcoRepublic. Options are arranged by 15 special interests ranging from bird watching and mountain biking, to jungle hiking, archeology and diving; by destination; and by lodging. Lodgings are, Read More