The town of Pomorie is one of the most beautiful towns on the sea shore,a unique and attractive healing center and resort. The ancient village Anhialo was formed in VI-V century BC, as a Hellenic colony on the Black Sea coast. Its strategic location near important roads determined its prosperity, and its proximity to, Read More

They come here not only for the vest green pastures on which they can raised sheep, horses and cattle, but also for the agreeable climate, pure water wealth of forest in the mountain. From 803 to 814, under the reign of Khan Kroum, the boundaries of the Bulgarian Empire ran through the Rhodope labyrinth, Read More

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Economy reports that over 3.5 million foreigners visited in 2003, a growth of 18 percent from last year’s figure. Last year, excluding ‘shuttle traders’ (one-day-trade travelers to a neighboring county), Greek tourists were the number one visitors, up 40 percent; followed by Germans (+11.26%), British (+43.68), Russians (+22.08%), and Sweden (+28.35%)., Read More

Bulgarian aviation authorities are beginning to carry out sudden checks of foreign airplanes, landing in Bulgaria. No such practice has been employed so far. Its purpose is to monitor the safety of the airplanes, the way it’s being done in a number of European airports. An airline company will also be checked whether it, Read More

When Christian monastic community emerged as a spiritual vanguard of the new Christian world, it was as early as the 4th-5th centuries that monasteries began to be built in the Bulgarian lands. Written documents and archaeological excavations from that time testify to the existence of several dozens of monasteries raised on territories that would, Read More

Washington post (January 5, 2004) announced that Bulgaria has become the most fashionable destination in Europe. It was also the fourth in the world concerning tourism development rate, immediately after Athens (because of the Olympic Games), Bahamas and Botswana. Times newspaper (January 3, 2004) ranged Bulgaria among the 2004 tourist top-destinations in the set, Read More