Embratur Launches the World Indigenous Games Promotional Videos


Exciting images of Indians competing in Archery, Throwing Spear, Power Cord, Tora Racing and other traditional indigenous sports illustrated the promotional video of the upcoming Indigenous World Games, officially launched by Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Board) at ITB Berlin, which took place last week in Germany.


The action is part of the promotion of the first edition of the event that will bring together over 2,000 indigenous groups from over 30 countries, from 18 to 27 September in Palmas, Brazil.

“For the first time there will be held a competition bringing together indigenous people of various ethnic groups, showing the world our diversity and ability to host world events,” said the president of Embratur, Vicente Neto.

In addition to the Brazilian indigenous people, there will also be representatives from most countries in the Americas, Australia, Japan, Norway, Russia, China and the Philippines. Brazil has about 24 ethnic groups should participating in the competition.


More than 305 indigenous groups are living in Brazil today, and to the organizer of the games, Marcos Terena, the competition will help strengthen these people. “The goal is to unite these nations,” he explains.

To view the 3 minute video here: http://youtu.be/JQ-mAKdj—o

To view the 30-second video here: http://youtu.be/SY4Fv83Ehu8

For more information, please visit: http://www.i-games2015.com/

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