Improving the Image of Bangladesh

Visitors and participants of academic courses and conferences from developed, developing and least developed countries often wonder how Bangladesh should have gained such a negative image of being the number one country in the list of corrupt nations. They have suggested improvement of performance of relevant quarters who have obligations to contribute to the growth of the economy.

Visitors to Bangladesh and participants in different national forums and international conferences suggested the steps needed for improving the image of the country. Even public representatives, including Members of Parliament and professionals in academic fields have referred to the serious problem of corruption and urged upon all concerned to take corrective measures. US Congressman, Joseph Crowley, who came to Dhaka as leader of a congressional delegation, in an interface with the press referred to the image of Bangladesh and reminded all to reverse the image of the country. He pledged himself to work for Bangladesh in coming years.

One of the supportive measures would be to allow Bangladesh to export its products to the USA and without payment of extra taxes and tariffs.

Mr. Crowley indicated that Bangladesh may be enlisted in the list of Caribbean countries which have been given duty-free access of their products to the US market. For obtaining the same status, the business and industrial community plus government agencies have to work carefully for improving the image of the country.

Apparently, the onus of improving the poor image of the country falls upon policy makers, political parties, government agencies including the judiciary. The objective is all too much commendable and corrective measures are to be taken forthwith for augmenting growth of the economy, on the one hand, and the image of the country, on the other.

The realities of the economy are all too much pronounced and a sort of national consensus on the issue is needed for working for improvement. The prevailing culture may be removed if the intent of turning rich and powerful within the spell of term of membership in the Jatiya Sangsad is abandoned by MPs. Likewise, the bureaucratic approach by some unscrupulous elements in the government office for getting extra benefits from official deals and contracts has to be routed, if necessary, by conducting investigation into such corrupt practices and punishing agile elements after due process of judicial review. The sooner the image is improved, the better may be the prospect of building an economy with higher growth rate and transparency.

By Najmul Shabuj
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