Caspian Sea part of life of Azerbaijan

For Azerbaijan the Caspian Sea is the natural continuity of its territory. The land and water become related with each other over 800 kilometers, but it is not even the line of demarcation of two elements – it is the integrated essence of life, labor and rest of the whole country. On the shores, washed by the ancient saline waves, generations change and again, as one thousand years ago, one, having respectfully screwed up one’s eyes, flings oneself into the arms of foamy streams. Having plunged headlong and touched the velvety sandy seabed with your feet, you can instantly feel the clear and eternal feeling of bliss; that is inherent to most youthful mothers. The nature has returned its prodigal son to its lap. You have been touched by the happiness of the sea, saturated with oxygen and sunshine.

The Caspian sea-lake is the biggest secluded reservoir in the world, which is, according to the specialists’ conclusion, the remainder of the ancient ocean, once covering the whole Caucasus. In the long past, the Caspian was joined with the World Ocean both in the west and north. Centuries -old legends about the magnificent cities and castles, having sunk into the bottom of the Caspian Sea are now confirmed by the archaeologists’ findings and the historians’ evidences. The mentions of the way, joining the west and east seashores deserve a great interest in theses legends. How can one not recall the great silk way? Such a truncated piece of the route- from coast to coast- was sure to attract the numerous travelers with its rationality. Some deeply in-cut traces of the Absheron peninsula and on the islands of the local archipelago in the hardened sandstone. Perhaps, the caravan ways lay here. But the Caspian gradually destroyed this “aqueduct”, for its level time and again rose much higher and fell down considerably lower.

The grey Caspian, as it is called by the people, is changeable and capricious, like the relief of the country, also sometimes unpredictable, like the climate of Azerbaijan: its waves are motherly tender and fatherly severe, slowly ebbing from the shores and flowing back. In 1939, in the Baku bay the ruins the castle were seen from the water. Archaeologists – divers found a sunken inn “caravanserai”. Several inscriptions, names and dates, indicating that the building was erected 1234-1235 been kept on the walls. Some scientists tend to consider that these are the remains of the ancient city of Sabail. In 1400 the Azeri geographer, Sayid Yayla Bakuvi wrote that the sea drowned a part of the towers and walls of the ancient Baku fortress. And the now famous Maiden’s tower, the pride and symbol of Baku, from where Shirvanshah’s daughter jumped into the water according to the legend, stands from the edge of the sea almost a hundred meters! That is what the Caspian is-leaves and returns again, turbulent and freedom-loving.

There are so many fish in it! There are almost all “red” sorts of: sturgeon, beluga, stellate sturgeon, and salmon. The Caspian black caviar is without reservation the best in world. The Caspian logjam is the fattest herring. The fishermen from all the corners of the country come to the sea, hopping to hook the “most”. And the kind and rich Caspian does not upset anyone: the old and the young fish out the tender Shamaika, the dissolving in juice vobla, the strong and tight gray mullet, the Kutum, rash like a torpedo.

In summer, the free Caspian shores are filled with the resting and sunbathe people. A lot of summer houses, from small bungalows with necessarily a terrace to the three-story ultra-modern mansions, give refuge to millions of Azeri citizens, who are always happy to accept guests. Here are so many tiny ports with curing mud, natural wound – balsam and salt spas! The Caspian washes away disease, sorrow and petty sins. The Caspian agreed to disclose to the mankind the treasure of its depths – the Caspian oil is considered to be the purest in the world. The whole city has been built on piles -the Oil Stones. Once, life was born in water. The Caspian proved that life will continue and progress above and under water. 

By Hasanov Tuncay 
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