Australia has a new tourism board

The Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC), the peak body of the tourism export industry, has welcomed the announcement of the inaugural Board of the new central tourism agency, Tourism Australia. The Board appointments are a positive step for the tourism industry that is now in full recovery mode following several years of turmoil in the aftermath of global events.

“The announcement of the make-up of the inaugural Board of Tourism Australia is a very positive step for the tourism industry. The wealth of experience across the Board is substantial with the directors bringing to the table expertise in tourism, retailing, investment, exporting and small business,” said ATEC Chair, David Mazitelli. 

“ATEC, on behalf of its members, applauds the fact that the appointed directors are well credentialed to ensure the growth of tourism exports which currently contribute $17 billion to the Australian economy each year and have enormous foreign earnings potential. Indeed the Tourism Forecasting Council predicts the value of tourism exports to reach over $28 million by 2102.”

“The new Tourism Australia Chairman, Tim Fisher, has been a long term supporter of the tourism industry. His high profile and understanding of the Australian tourism industry and the needs of regional Australia are a boost for the industry. ATEC is confident that he and his board will drive the tourism industry to new heights over the next decade.”

“The passage of the Tourism Australia Bill through the Senate last Friday was also an important milestone for the tourism industry in Australia. The approval of the Bill by all political parties highlights the support the tourism industry now enjoys in government,” added Mr. Mazitelli.

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