Transforming Africa thru Art, Photography & Film

IRIS MISSION AFRICA is a not-for-profit organization whose main aim is to fight poverty, unemployment and other social injustices in our society especially among youths through art, photography and film.

Having started in Uganda at a time where hand-outs in form of food, clothes and medication were the order of the day, it was realized realized that much as these rescue measures were a great relief to the effects of the poverty in African society, they were obviously not addressing the problem and were unsustainable.

Given the fact that Uganda’s education system encouraged more job seekers than job creators, the onus was upon us to reject the status quo and do that which would give our people a lasting solution in the fight against poverty.

An initiative of Saltray Lubega, who is an accomplished artist, camera person and Television expert, IRIS MISSION AFRICA runs programs that are tailored to equip youths especially with skills that enable them to not only get jobs for themselves but also empower others in the fight against poverty and unemployment.

Programs carried out in collaboration with local community organizations include Art, Crafts-making, Acting, Photography and Film/Video Production.

Currently, IRIS MISSION AFRICA boasts of having achieved various accomplishments including training the crew which started Miracle Center Cathedral’s Channel 44 Television in Uganda, David Kabogoza, one of the trainees filming for Reuters at the Smurfs’ Walk of Fame in Hollywood leave alone directing a short movie at Universal Studios,  Ritah Aliguma, the first female Vice president of Uganda’s National Sports Journalists’ Governing body, USPA, several Photographers, Filmmakers and several visual story-tellers.

Recently, Nazario Ethan Lubega, from the KidsArt programs played a key role in the recently premiered Disney Movie, the Queen of Katwe, acting as Benjamin.

It is from this background that IRIS MISSION AFRICA took a step of painfully renting premises against their meager resources, which will initially act as an Empowerment Centre which will help the organization in better planning, as well as facilitating training and properly executing of all their programs.

With the aim of becoming fully self-sustaining, the Empowerment Centre, which is undergoing renovation and modification, when fully complete and stoked with training gear, will be able to train among others Technical Skills like Woodworks, Carpentry & Joinery, Spray-Painting, Metal Works & Sculpture on top of the current programs to cater for a wider spectrum of Creative Visual Professionals.

As of today, IRIS MISSION AFRICA embarked on a drive that will enhance Kids Creativity, help to develop their cognitive skills, offer more opportunities for self-expression and develop their physical skills thru KidsArt, one of the foundational programs.

Given the background of most of the kids in our communities, KidsArt acts as a therapy to them because it caters for POSITIVE EMOTION, ENGAGEMENT, ACCOMPLISHMENT, POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS and MEANING, which are the five psychological elements of well-being.

A drive has been initiated to get the program running through which they encourage individuals, corporate entities and other well-wishers to partner in promoting this cause and help make the necessary logistics available to enable this noble goal in achieved.


P.O. Box 26249, Kampala – UGANDA

Telephone: +256 (0) 392 888 403


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