Spiritual Minister

068RevBeaWhen you criss-cross the world as much as I have done to document its many temples and archeological wonders, you can’t help being drawn into the culture and have it rub off on you in some way. When the Beatles went to India, they came back to England and wrote The Magical Mystery Tour which was a dramatic shift in the way they wanted to be perceived to their fans.

The first station that aired our travel TV series was Vision TV – a speciality spiritual  TV station in Canada with a mandate to present all the world’s religions fairly. Our show would document the various temples of the world from a tourism point of view and we were ever mindful to present the culture as accurately as possible. This experience turned out to become a real world hands-on study in comparative religions.

As I traveled to and through these destinations, many miraculous events helped to shape my beliefs in a higher power, something I already had a profound interest in. I felt compelled to enroll in courses that could give me spiritual insight into my purpose in this life.  Little did I know that this journey would lead me down a path where I would eventually become a legally ordained spiritual minister with all of the rights and privileges to perform marriage ceremonies that are officially recognized by the Government of United States and Canada. (and others.)

So while I am no longer involved with an official church and a weekly congregation to minister to as I did have for six years as a pastor in Toronto, I am always honoured to be asked to officiate a wedding or other life celebrating ceremony – often in some distant land in a natural setting.